Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mini Elf Haul!


So recently I was thinking I hadn't bought anything from Elf for ages and that it was definitely time to change this! You can imagine how happy I was to find that it was 50% off at the exact same time...Fate or what? 

On previous visits to the Elf website I used to go a bit mad and my shopping basket amount would get ridiculous! So I decided that I should be sensible and attempt to buy items I actually need and will definitely use!! So lets begin with the lip products!!

In the shade "grapefruit"

in the shade "berry"

As much as I love my body shop lip balm, I have been on the hunt for a change and when I saw these lip balm tints I had to try them. I love the idea of a lip balm that moisturises whilst at the same time giving your lips a really nice colour. I purchased two of these and in my pictures the shades don't look all that different, but if you have a look on the Elf website you'll see how different they look in the swatches. The grapefruit one looked more pinky on their site when it is more of a light red with orange undertones, which is still nice but not what I was looking for. The berry one was a much deeper red shade on the site and in reality looks like the swatch of the grapefuit one on the elf website, if that makes any sense!

Apart from this, I would say that so far I like this product. As the elf site says "this lightly tinted lip balm gives the perfect flush of colour for a beautiful, natural look" which it definitely does. This is a fairly moisturising lip balm but I think if you are looking for a lip balm to heal cracked lips I wouldn't use this. Or I would at least use a lip balm designed for healing and soothing chapped lips first then apply this!! So far I like this product and would like to see some more colour options being added to Elf's site!

This is the therapeutic conditioning lip balm in "Vanilla creme" and is £1.50. As I have been looking for a change when it comes to lip balms, where else to try but my beloved Elf and at £1.50 I thought it would be stupid not to give this a try. On first appearances this is a nice product. It is a good compact size for carrying about and for £1.50 you get a nice amount of product. The only things I would say about this product are that it smells more waxy than vanilla and whilst it does have a moisturising feel to it, it borders slightly on the greasy. However a little of this product definitely goes a long way and so far I have found that it does leave my lips feeling soft and look moisturised. I would maybe try the other scents if I were to repurchase this!

So onto the eye products! This waterproof eyeliner crayon is £3.75 and is in the shade "brown". I have never tried a crayon eyeliner before so thought what better place to purchase my first one from! Swatched, this product is fairly pigmented but it is very light in shade. This is something I like as it gives you the opportunity to go for the natural look or build if you are looking for a more prominent look! It smudges really nicely which would be ideal for a smoky eye! 

This is the eyebrow lifter & filler in the shade ivory/light and is £3.75. Filling in my eyebrows is something I have never done purely because of my fear of looking like a cartoon villain! Recently I have thought my eyebrows have looked like they need a little (emphasis on the word little) touch of colour to them so I thought I would give this product a try. As you may already know I am a sucker for packaging so I loved this as soon as I saw it, two in one product and a sharpener on the lid! 

The lift side is designed to act as a highlighter to be used under the brow to give it a nicer shape. The filler side is used to fill out the brows (obviously) and create a nice natural shape. I purchased the lightest shade possible to make sure I was getting as natural a look as possible and I am happy with the brown shade. It is fairly pigmented but is a nice natural brown, exactly what I was looking for! 

As we are coming into Winter, this is the time when, even though I moisturise regularly, my skin decides to dry out completely! So I thought I would give this tinted moisturiser a try and at £1.50 how could I not? For my pale skin I chose the shade "ivory". It is a really nice natural shade and has a slight scent of orange jelly to it! I am looking forward to trying this properly so expect a review on it in the near future!

After quite a few months on a spending ban on nail polishes (I had a problem), I thought it was time for a small break from the ban and I decided this was justified by getting 50% off!! After adding about 10 to my shopping basket I managed to cut it down to just two. I know that coral isn't really an Autumn/Winter shade but when I saw this I couldn't resist!! It is a really nice peachy pink with a metallic shine to it (which doesn't really show up in this picture) which I absolutely love! 

The other one I purchased is in the shade "sea escape". I was a little disappointed with this one. Again like the swatches of the lip balm tints, this colour looks a lot different on the Elf website. On the site it looks like a really nice dark turquoise shade with teal undertones. In reality it is almost a dark navy shade with a slight dark blue shimmer to it. It is still a nice polish but just not the colour I thought I was purchasing. But for only £2.50, it isn't the end of the world and I would still fully recommend Elf's polishes!!

I hope you enjoyed this elf haul!! I will do a review on the products I have yet to use fully in the near future!!

Have you bought anything from Elf recently?

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  1. I took advantage of this too, couldn't not haha!!! Didn't spot any of these though I obviously didn't look hard enough :)

    Hannah xxx

    1. Would love to see a post on what you bought!! X

  2. I love ELF nail varnishes but I wish they didn't smell so bad, they just seem to stink! I haven't really tried anything other than their varnishes and eye liners but I would certainly recommend their brushes, great value!

    1. I definitely agree!! Their powder brush is amazing!! X

  3. Great haul! I'm so upset I couldn't take advantage of the sale though

    1. They have sales all the time, you should keep an eye out!! X

  4. Wow you have so much incredible Elf stuff ahhhh! I need some in my life.
    It all looks incredible.
    I can't believe i don't own anything from Elf yet, oopsie!

    Em x


    1. You should definitely visit their website right now!! Haha!! X

  5. You were sooo disciplined!! *claps*
    wish I had that sort of self control when it comes to Elf's 50% offs!
    what always gets to me is that you get free shipping if you spend over £30 - gah FREE SHIPPING its a killer.
    I've not tried much from their normal line, so looking forwards to the upcoming reviews ^___^
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

    1. Thank you!! The shipping is annoying but I use it as an excuse to spend over £30!! Haha!! X

  6. Oooo it´s been a while since I bought something from elf! I really like the color of those lip balms though :) xxx

  7. nice review. i love that lip tint.