Friday, 2 August 2013

Elf Loves Collection! - Part Uno

I love Elf!

 Since Nikki (Lunar Lights) introduced me to it last year I now have a slight addiction. At one point actually considering just buying everything on the site so I would own it all. However the lack of funds and the fact that I don't actually need everything quickly stopped me!

 So imagine how excited I was when I found out that E.L.F were giving away their Elf Loves Collection for free when you spent £20. I couldn't resist!!

When it arrived, I was so excited to open the box, it was like a mini Christmas!! 

I did fear that I was going to receive three products that came to the total of £25 so I was happy with the amount of products I got! The only thing is it was heavy on the eye products (I can't complain though when I got it all for free) hence why I have divided this into two posts!


This brightening eye colour is in the shade "silver lining".  These eye shadows are good if you are just wanting a little colour as they are not very pigmented. I especially like this because I am always scared of applying too much and looking like I am going out for halloween! These eyeshadows are very buildable and the lighter colours definitely do make the eyes appear brighter. The only thing i would say is that they are leaning more towards a glittery effect than a subtle shimmer which is what I prefer to achieve with an eyeshadow but they would be great for a nightout and at £1.50 they are great value too!

This glitter eyeshadow is £2.50 and is in the shade "nature girl". It is a silvery grey with undertones of a darkish green colour. This is a really pigmented eyeshadow especially when compared with the brightening eye colour so I would advise applying this lightly at first. It is a nice product I would say more so for night time use rather than daytime. 

This eyeshadow duo is a great product. I actually can't believe it is only £1.50. It is great quality and is fairly pigmented. This particular one is in the shade "berry mix". The two shades are really nice neutral colours and when blended together they create a nice subtle shimmer which highlights the eye beautifully. 

This waterproof eyeliner is again £1.50 (I love elf) and is in the shade "coffee". Before even using this I was just so happy to see that it was a brown shade rather than just normal black. Whenever I used to buy eyeliner I always just went for black but then would never be happy with the results. I have brown/hazel eyes and I felt using it made my dark circles look darker and made me look like  I hadn't slept for weeks. It was only when Nikki bought me a brown eyeliner pencil as part of my Christmas present that I realised, of course brown would be a much more natural colour for me than the harshness of a black eyeliner. This eyeliner  is in a really nice dark brown shade. It applies really easily and it doesn't drag the eye or feel scratchy. It is a great quality product which I would repurchase!

This pencil is £1.50 and Is in the shade "grassy green". I really like the colour (it reminds me of Wicked) and isn't too glittery plus I love the sharpener on the lid (I am a sucker for packaging). This eyeliner blends really well  but it doesn't have great staying power. Also I have a slight fear of wearing really bold colours, unless I was going on a night out or (in the case of this colour) I was going to see wicked , so I don't think I would wear this that often. 

Overall I was pretty happy with these products especially since they were free and they make a nice addition to my ever growing elf collection! In my next post I will be reviewing the lips and face products I received as part of this collection!

Are there any other elf addicts out there? Did any of you take advantage of this offer?

History Never Repeats.



  1. Aaaaah so many ELF goodies :D I think we have an unhealthy obsession Katrina! Haha, really considering placing an order just to get a free box! Another elf haul soon? :) xxx

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