Thursday, 12 September 2013

Everyday Makeup Products - The Lips!!


So on to the Last (but not least) of the everyday makeup products series - The Lips!!

This Vitamin E lip care is from the Body Shop and is £4.00. This is one of my absolute "can't live without" (a bit extreme but its all about emphasis) products!! Last winter my lips were so chapped and sore and Vaseline didn't seem to be working anymore.

So began my hunt for the perfect lip balm. I did a lot of research which meant I then had very strict criteria. I wanted it to be in a stick form rather than a tub as I thought this would be slightly more hygienic. I didn't want it to have too much of a scent (I hate it when everything you eat and drink after applying it ends up just tasting like the lip balm) and I wanted it to actually be moisturising and not just leave a coating which wears off after half an hour. So after a lot of research and a few purchases (which were failures) I eventually came across this one (is that the longest introduction for a review on a lip balm ever?).

I absolutely love this lip balm. It completely fits all my crazy criteria and has been one of my holy grail products ever since I first purchased it last winter. It is incredibly moisturising, without being oily, and it lasts for ages (on the lips and between purchases). It doesn't have a scent to it at all, just a very plain kind of moisturising smell (is that such a smell?). It also acts as a really good lip primer for lipsticks and glosses. I usually get this on a 3 for 2 deal or when the Body Shop is having a sale because I must admit £4.00 is a tad pricey for a lip balm. But it is totally worth it. So to cut a long ramble short, I love this product and would definitely recommend it!!

I love Soap & Glory's names for their products!! This is the Marvelips lip pencil and is £8.00 from Boots. I absolutely love Soap & Glory's bath stuff and moisturisers but I had never really tried any of their cosmetics before.

I purchased this lip pencil earlier this year when I had Boots points vouchers that I could redeem when I spent so much on Soap & Glory cosmetics. I really liked the colour of this lip pencil. "As good as nude" is how its described on the Boots website and I think this is why I love it for everyday as it is a similar (slightly darker) shade to my lips. It is really moisturising and makes the "lips look fuller". The white end is supposed to be applied afterwards and act as a highlighter. I don't tend to use this end as I don't really see any difference with it. However this is most likely to me applying it wrong than the product not being good. I would definitely repurchase this if I get anymore points vouchers or I may start a search for a cheaper dupe!!

So this brings me to the end of my everyday makeup series!! I have really enjoyed giving the "series" type of posts a go, if you have any ideas for other series I could do then I would love to hear!!

What are your favourite lip products? Can you recommend any?

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  1. The Vitamin E Lip care looks like it's well worth a try! :-) xxx

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    1. Thank you very much!! Will definitely follow!! X

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  4. Loved this makeup series! I'm so nosy I love seeing all of people's makeup :) can't wait for your next series! Xxx

    1. Haha me too!! Need to start brainstorming ideas for my next series!! XX